Leading Psychiatric Treatment Center for Children in Blytheville, AR

Blytheville Clinic treats children, adolescents, and teens who are struggling with a variety of developmental and behavioral issues and allow them to reach their maximum potential by treating the whole child – mind, body, and spirit. We serve children who are at risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, and emotional conditions and help them to restore a sense of independence and foster self-esteem through a wide array of therapeutic programs. Our Child Health Management Services (CHMS) treats children who have a variety of developmental disorders such as ASDs, autism, Asperger syndrome, diabetes, developmental delays, Down syndrome, epilepsy, speech and language disorders, as well as children with fine and gross motor delays. Our Rehabilitate Services for Persons with Mental Illness (RSPMI) works with children who have behavioral disorders such as oppositional defiant disorder, sexually maladaptive behaviors, depression, anxiety, and conduct disorder. Through a variety of therapeutic interventions such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapies, group sessions, family sessions, medication management, nutritional counseling, and physical therapy, we work to enhance the lives of the children and families we serve. Our treatment philosophy is based upon the recognition that each child and each family we see are unique individuals who require an individualized approach to treatment that meets all of a child’s continuing needs.

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