Leading Psychiatric Treatment Center for Children in North Little Rock, AR

North Little Rock Treatment Clinic is a part of the Ascent Children’s Health Services and serves toddlers, children and teens who are struggling with behavioral or developmental conditions that prevent them from living life to its fullest. Our clinic offers qualifying children and their families’ multidisciplinary evaluation and diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitate, provide early intervention, and prevent long-term complications. Treatment plans will be created based upon a child’s specific needs and may include nursing services, physical, occupational and speech therapy, nutritional and wellness counseling, neuropsychology, behavior therapy, and audiology services. We treat children who are at risk for chronic physical, behavioral, developmental, or emotional conditions who need healthcare and related services in a warm, comforting environment. Our care is based upon the philosophy that each child and each family who comes to us for help needs an individualized approach to treatment and care that meets all of the child’s needs.

(501) 955-2220
4107 Richards Rd
North Little Rock, AR 72117