Leading Psychiatric Treatment Center for Children in Paragould, AR

Paragould Treatment Clinic offers an array of services for children, adolescents, and teens who require day or outpatient treatment to develop the skills needed to lead a happy and fulfilled life. We offer Child Health Management Services (CHMS) for children who are struggling with developmental disorders such as autism, Asperger syndrome, cleft palate, cerebral palsy, diabetes, developmental delays, Down syndrome, sickle cell anemia, failure to thrive, speech and language disorders, as well as children who have gross and fine motor delays along with a multitude of other conditions. Our Rehabilitate Services for Persons with Mental Illness (RSPMI) treats children and teens who are struggling with mental disorders such as depression, child abuse and neglect, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder, anxiety disorders, and a variety of other conditions that put the child at risk for stunted physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral growth. We offer a number of treatment options designed to heal the whole child – mind, body, and soul. These treatments may include speech, therapy and physical therapy, behavioral counseling, individual therapy, group session, family therapy, medication management, nursing services, and nutrition and wellness counseling. We firmly believe that each child who comes to us for help comes from a unique set of life circumstances and requires a treatment plan to meet their individual needs so that we can effectively treat each child and family we serve.

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1910 Rector Rd
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