Outpatient Treatment Program for Children with Developmental & Behavioral Health Issues in Arkansas

Ascent Children’s Health Services strives to be a community leader in children’s developmental and behavioral health. We provide early intervention for toddlers, children, and teenagers who have applicable developmental and behavioral health concerns. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals strives to treat the whole child nutritionally, medically, educationally, and cognitively to pave the way for their future successes in the world. We enhance our client’s maximum level of development and readiness for entering the world and we provide several levels of care for our patients.

Our outpatient program offers mental health, physical, occupational, and speech therapy services upon referral from your child’s physician. Our child-focused treatment team will conduct a variety of evaluations to determine the types and level of services needed by your child and will create an individualized plan of care for each child who comes to us. We’ll work on an outpatient basis to make certain your child is reaching his or her potential while promoting independence and fostering a sense of self-esteem to allow your child the opportunity to succeed in the world.

Ascent Children’s Health Services is proud to offer such a wide array of services for those in our community. For families in our care, we offer a 24-hour on-call and crisis line for families in need of emergency care. Whatever your child’s needs, Ascent Children’s Health Services will work to meet them.